Dear Fellow Rotarians

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our Club!

Our Thursday meeting welcomed a few interesting guests:-

Members: 13

Guests:      AG Florence and DAG Nicola

Marisa ( lovely mom of Guy), Becky ( lovely wife of Keith) Pastor Thomas Dunsett ( guest of IP though no stranger to us having been our guest speaker a few times already)

Visiting Rtns: PP Stanislav Romanenko, RC Krasnodar

Rotaractor Mikhail Burlakov, Rtc Kuban

AG Florence shared an interesting presentation on Rotary Development in China, dating back to Rotary in China started on Oct 1 1919. The first Rotary Club was admitted in Shanghai in 1932 at the Palace Hotel. If interested in more details, please contact me so I can liaise with AG Florence for the information. This is the last official AG visit in this RY1314.

Members noted of May 13 District Resolutions meeting with P KC and PP Stella appointed as club elector to vote in this meeting for two resolutions:-

  • – New terms and conditions  regarding the nominating committee for the selection of DG-Nominee-Designate
  • – Bidding of RI Convention for years 2019 or 2021 or 2022

and that the Board has discussed and agreed on club’s position in these two matters

PP Stanislav from RC Krasnodar enlightened us with their club activities and was happy that he and his protractor Mikhail came to visit our club and enjoyed our lively fellowship.

Club Announcements

  • – The Jun 5 club meeting was cancelled as several Rtns are attending the RI Convention in Sydney that week.
  • – Jun 19 Chartered  Night at Fat Siu Lau ( Will all interested members, pls enrol directly to Hon Secretary Elizabete)
  • – May 24 District Training Assembly for PE and incoming officers for 2014-15 at Regal Airport Hotel, HK will have 8 joining as aligned with PE Kevin