RC Macau were invited to a presentation in Exchange Square Hong Kong to commemorate those lost and celebrate the successes since the Tsunami destroyed so much in the low lying areas in Japan’s North West coast. Rotary Club of Macau had made a substantial contribution to the reconstruction efforts and for the support of those most affected.

Yuji Kumamaru (Japanese Consul General to Hong Kong)

Present with Yuji Kumamaru (Japanese Consul General and an Honorary member of our Club) was Chief Secretary for Administration HKSAR, Stephan Lam. Both thanked the NGO’s both in Hong Kong and Macao for their support and donations in the immediate aftermath and subsequent rebuilding of areas destroyed if not by the earthquake then the ensuing tsunami. 

Steven Lam Chief Secretary for HKSAR Administration

Both spoke of how the initial reaction hurt both businesses in Hong Kong and Japan, and how that now things were returning to order. The photographs display both the awesome devastation, the human spirit for survival and the beginning of new life. Yuji spoke of how the palm symbolised to him the resilience of life to survive even after so much.

Particularly touching was the photos of the couple who were looking for there missing daughter in the devastation of their home, and their obvious joy at being reunited.


Japanese Family