There have been a few changes to the Website in the last month or so. Things have been a little quieter since the GSE teams departure and the 2008 Annual Ball.


We have settled on a Theme for the site look and have been ironing out a few display problems, I think we are about 90 % there. This Theme is called ‘Jamba’ and it determines how the page is made up with articles, where they appear, their colours etc. The Theme, like the Website itself are programs based on Open Source code. They are highly configurable and were chosen because of their support by the Internet community. The whole project is made up of files whose links are stored in a database.

We have included a Google based calender which will display upcoming events. It is present on the Home page. Members can update it without dealing with the Website at all.

More work has been done to include information from our previous website, thanks to PP Kazu. As a result and following a server upgrade by the Rotary District we can now offer a Photo Gallery. You can find the link on the top menu.

Like most of the Website, members can upload or ‘Post’ their own messages and now Pictures and we hope that this is going to be the way that the site develops in the future. To get things started we are to host a training session with a small number of members and find out if the existing methods for writing articles are understandable and workable. The idea is to make the site both User Friendly, Useful and Low Maintenance so the poor Webmaster can deal with other Rotary Business and the members can deal with the Content.

So what is next? Well the look of the site is to be changed a bit to make it more attractive. More content is to be added to be more usefull and no doubt we will have to move a few things around as we get used to all the features. We will introduce search engine support so help people find us on the Internet and also make it easier for members to make editorial contributions. Plus we have a few ideas we want to explore, such as adding content from Rotary International and Local Visitors information. Keep checking the site, we hope it will become a growing resource for our Club.