Hope you all are staying warm protected from this cold weather. It is freezing. At our last regular meeting on Thursday 25th we had 13 rotarians , plus Choi’s guest, Katherine ( Stella’s daughter), 2 Alumni visitor, the kind couple Jim and KK , they are visiting Macau and came directly from airport to join our meeting, Jim is missing Rotary and our club. And Kula. So all together we were 17.

I inform the members that I register at Rotary Convention and seek who else want to join. One more Rotary International news is the Rotary theme for RY 2018-19 was just announced as “ Be the Inspiration”. Our ball is marked to May 12 , and the theme is Hero. And the OC has decided at last meeting to invite the he typhoon Hato hero and João already invite him and the wife and realize they are expecting first baby and propose we rotarians and the club could Make a Difference giving clothes and things baby needs. How about that, Fellow Rotarians we count on you to make a Difference.
Box donation : MOP 600.00.

Mark the dates:

  • Feb/15 – No regular meeting because CNY
  • Feb/22 -Regular meeting postponed to Fev/23 – Spring Dinner + Rotary birthday at Plaza Restaurant. Those who have not registered yet please do it with Choi or Stella
  • Mar/4 – Rotary Ultramarathone
  • Mar/6 – Press. Conference for Rotary Blood Donation Day
  • Mar/25 – Rotary Blood Donation Day at Flower City Garden, Taipa
  • May/12 – 71st Annual Charity Ball – Hero is the theme.