Last meeting, Fev/2 was our last meeting of the year of Rooster. We were only 12 included PN Ip’s guest, Cherry, who was Youth Exchange 4 years ago. She is studying in Taiwan Occupational Therapy and in CNY holiday. Because she can not come to our Spring Dinner she was invited to come to our regular meeting to meet us and update her status.

And we have our new grandpa Keith back from the States and Paris. He told us the best happen to him is being a grandpa.
PP Kevin was recognize as multiple Paul Harris Fellow – 1 Sapphire . Congratulations and thank you.

Because is last day of rooster PN Ip Pui Fai made various spring couples, red harmonious paper for us with his great Chinese Caligraphy. Good fortune, good health family happiness are some of them. Thank you PP Ip Pui Fai.
We were just 12 but have as usual a very good fellowship.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone.

No meeting on Fev/15 fall at the last day of Rooster year and many family reunion dinners.
Regular meeting Fev/22 postponed to next day Fev/23 because is Rotary birthday.
Box collection : MOP 500.00

Feb/23 – Spring Dinner
As usual we will have our spring family dinner at Plaza Restaurant. We have over 80 people attending including our spouses,sons and daughters, grandsons, our sponsored students and Rotaractors. We also celebrate the birthday of Rotary with a wonderful cake prepare by PP Kevin’s wife.
This time we begin with President Fatima, IPP Mathew and President Tina delivered a few words and warmest greetings for the year of Dog. After we have the cake cutting and we sang a birthday song celebrating Rotary’s birthday and a big group photo.

On this happy occasion usually the seniors Rotarians and the married one will be happy to give Lai Si’s to young people. This is not a must but everyone feel free do give away whatever amount of Lai Si’s as each wish.

After the dinner starts.
Before ending a brief information on Lei Loi Tak before a moment of silence in respect of his memory.
And was hand out Lei Loi Tak biscuits to each participant before departure.
Happy Box Donation was really good at MOP5.000,00.

– Mar/4 – Rotary Ultramarathone
– Mar/6 – Press Conference for Blood Donation Day
– Mar/25 Rotary Blood Donation Day at Flower City Garden-Taipa
– May/12 – 71st Annual Charity Ball