As the year ends we make our Annual visit to Guanxi China to visit our school projects for the minority tribes.

From 23-26 December – Guanxi Literacy and Poverty Alleviation Trip.

On Dec/23 at 7:00 am we gather a group of 36, from RC Macau ( myself, IPP Sam and his Amy), Rotaractors, from RAC Macau (7) and RAC UMAC (24) begin our 12hrs trip to Guanxi Province. Stop on the way to a fast lunch and arrived in time to have dinner after check in in the hotel.
Next day breakfast at the hotel at 7:00 am and move to the first school.

School Long San is in the mountain area with around 300 students. Rotaractors bring souvenirs for each and have games with them and have souvenirs from Macau Tourism Department. All educational.
We have lunch at school.
In the afternoon we move to School Chong Kao. This school needs our club to sponsor curtains. The number of students was the same.

Next day visit a special education school. We have the morning exercise with students and teachers. We never been to this school before. You can find in this school all the disability together. Eye impairment (blind), hearing impairment (deaf), Intellectual disability and physical disability.

We sponsor warm clothes and shoes to the students It is a tri-party sponsorship : PP Elizabete Fong, Rtn Lei Loi Tak and our club. The Rotaractors bring souvenir to each student and play games with them. And also have some Tourism Department souvenirs. In these school the students have very little contact with their family.
We have a very tasteful lunch prepare by the school staff.

In the afternoon we move to Rotary International Guanxi Du’an Yao Autonomous County Experimental Junior Middle School.
We have meeting with the school, and later we distribute school prizes to the good students.
The Rotaractors play basket ball with students and in 10 years for the first time we win. Imagine their happiness.
Later we have dinner at the school at the Canteen.

Dec/ 28 – the last Rotary meeting of 2017. Was held at Tromba Rija- Macau Tower. The wether was very good so before begin we have a fellowship outside with French wine and Ibérico Ham bring by Kula from her holidays.
It was a very good fellowship dinner in spite of few of us.
Wish you all a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018.

Some dates for your consideration :

Jan/9 – Joint President Meeting in Macau at Tromba Rija – Macau Tower
Jan/18 – 2nd Club Assembly
Fev/23 – Rotary Spring dinner at Plaza Restaurant and celebrate Rotary anniversary
March/4 – District Ultramarathone
March/25 – Rotary Blood Donation Day at Flower City Garden , Taipa
May/12 – Rotary Club of Macau annual ball
Jun/2,3 – District Conference at airport Regal

Fátima Ferreira
President 2017-18