Meeting calls to order by President Fátima.
In this meeting we have 11 members, PP Ip’s 4 guests and 2 guest speaker RC Amizade P Penny Chao and CP PP David Ho

Our PP Ip Pui Fai, Rotaractor Advisor was recognized by district as ” Outstanding Rotaract Advisor Team Citation ” for the year 2016-17 and I have the honor to presented the Certificate .

It was time to the speakers to share their “Laugh Challenge Project”
After some research realize that Macau people don’t laugh or very little. Life of today has so much pressure laugh turned into a very mean thing.
The challenge is to make all participants to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, to bring more people full of positive energy with a smile on the face every day.
Online activities will begin on September 15. October 6 the International Day of Smile the press conference and will finish on December 24 .
Activity method take a smile photo and posted on FB, transfer to friends, to social media.
This part was clear what was not very clear to the club members is how is the fund raise.
As a PI project will be easier to have people joining .

Announcements :

– AG 1st official visit will be on September 14
– DG official visit will be 23-24 September ( Saturday and Sunday) later will have some more details.
– Next meeting will be chaired by Vice-President PP Stella Kan because I will join DG visit to Mongolia ( 22-28 August )

After Box collection : MOP 600,00 the meeting was adjourned.

President Fátima