Visit to Concordia School

On 19th September 2012, a group of Rotarians and Rotaractors led by President KC Wong visited the Concordia School of Hearing Impaired where we were given a thorough presentation on the objective and mission and a tour of the premises. Our guides were Reverend Thomas Dunseth and Principal Grace. Concordia School believes that all can be educated in all subjects “Equality in Education” so the students at Concordia School are being taught the same subjects as any other Schools in Macau. The School also helps to develop the students’ potential and provide them the experience of exams, rules and regulations and all subjects. When we toured the premises, it was their recess time and we were all welcomed with open arms and friendliness. Giving these students an equal opportunity in the society is very important and some of them have graduated and moved on in their lives, integrated with the society. All these have to thank not only the Parents but also the staff at the School who has an undying passion to teach these students and believe in them. A big salut to all of them!!!!