Dear fellow Rotarians,
President Teren 2010~2011Thanks to PP Fatima to spread our Club’s great news to everyone.

These awards are ours.

In the past year, our Club has really achieved a lot through assistance and co-operation of PPs, Rotarians and friends. Several of communities projects were successfully held again, including GuangXi project, Elderly Dental project in Macau, Macau Youth project, Blood Donation, X’mas party with handicapped children (thanks Fatima, Stella, Synthia, David, IP, Margaret, Thomas, Andy, Aris, our Rotaractors, etc to co-ordinate all resources of the Club to make these projects happen).

Membership has increased (thanks all Rotaract Advisors as all of them are from our Rac’s). Fellowship gatherings in Lung Kei, Fat Siu Lau, Ocean Club, hot pot, moon cake festival, etc (thanks Choi for the great effort of putting everybody together and fellow members support). Joint Clubs gathering (Rotary clubs in Macau and RC Taipo). Our new Sister Club – RC Taipei and 3 joint projects with them, our Club Office is setup and donations to Christ Church town, Japan disaster relief, etc…

Thanks Florence (our PR chair) for sending the reports to District, if not we would have received no award.

Thanks David to make our website great and fantastic.

Thanks for Jose Neves, who accompanied our sister club to golf and treated us a lunch, Catherine Choi supported us the wine for many events,…. many many more thanks….

You see, even Rotarians temporary leave the Club but also gave great support to the Club. Their hearts never leave. I hope we can have them back very soon.

Yours in Rotary,

IPP Teren

President RC Macau 2010~2011