Dear Fellow Rotarians
Last night’s club meeting we have present:-
– Visitors from  District:  2   ( PDG Ada and IPAG Joy )
– Guests                          :   3  (  Jay , guest of KC: Antoinette and Michelle guest IPAG Joy)
– Members:  11 ( KC, Stella, Fatima, Ricardo, Peter, Choi, Gary, Ip, Fred, Janet,     Liz. 

It’s Kevin’s birthday. We excused his absence so he could celebrate with his ‘ roommate’. He’s so committed to our club that he dropped by before the meeting and made his birthday donation of $500 in person.
( Thanks, Kevin and Happy Birthday from us all)

– Our 1st meeting in Aug was enriched with PDG Ada’s visit who travelled from HK despite No. 3 typhoon signal.  August is Rotary Membership month so PDG Ada  shared with us a very inspiring and informative presentation on :
Rotary worldwide and district members statistics,  development trend how to recruit /retain /engage members our District3450 membership goal for 2013-14 is 2100 members ( from 1940 members at 30/6/2013 ), targeting growth from chartering new clubs as well as natural growth in existing clubs. The average member size in District clubs is around 30, so our club is above average! did you know out of the 71 clubs in the District, how many clubs are men-only clubs?(ANSWER: 17 !!! )
– President KC brought us a small surprise in reporting on his meeting with Philippine Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao, IPP of RC Manila 101 last weekend at Venetian. The first surprise is KC got Manny’s signature on the Rotarian magazine with  Manny on front cover. Why? Because Manny is running for Congressman in the Philippines and one day may be their future President!  SECOND SURPRISE – check out the photos attached.

  • – PP Fatima invited our club to attend and join in a coming meaningful FU HONG Society event  ”  Assembling the Largest SOAP mosaic- Fu Hong Buddies to break the World Guinness Record ”  on 18.8. 2013 ( Sun). I will send out more details in a separate mail.
  • – PP Ip is ever so kind to our wine lovers. This time he brought us a bottle of Porto Dry Wine, thanks Ip.
  • – Box Collection: $2000 ( all thanks to a happy donation $500 each from the real birthday boy Kevin and the claimed birthday man Choi.  Choi was challenging his true birthday date as it was wartime and before he laboured on old history, we all sang Happy Birthday song to him and passed the donation box to him 🙂

This will replace our regular meeting this coming week.  We now have 16 fellow members signed up so for those who are still checking your diary, do make time to come and join DG Eugene, district officers and guests from Macau to witness this important ceremony and support this year’s club presidents and board members.
Thank you for your kind reading.