Our speaker – GWA

Getting into the summer holiday, we have quite a number of Rotarians away on their vacation. We had only 10 members attending the last meeting, Pres. Sam, PE Fatima, PPs Choi, Fred, Ip, Kevin, Synthia, Rtns. Yasmin, Yuko and me. Luckily we had 8 members from the Rotaract Club of Macau including the Goodwill Ambassadors which made up a big crowd, of course, with our loyal Exe. Sec. Aris also. The Goodwill Ambassadors gave a very good presentation of their trip to Kazakhstan and their one day community service with the Rotaractors there. With PP Fred’s matching/topping, the box collection was $1,000.

UK Summer Camp – see off students

IMG-20160716-WA0021The 2 St. Paul’s students set off to Manchester last Friday, 15/7, for 2 weeks with 1 week at the Petty Pool Camp and 1 week home stay with Rotarians of Rotary Club of Sandbach. We saw them off at the ferry terminal. Their principal, Fr. Alex was also there to give support to the students. PP Ritchie happened to be there to see them off with Pres. Sam, PP Ip, Fatima and me.IMG-20160716-WA0020

Celebration of French National Day

We are very sorry to hear the news of the terrorist attack in Nice and that added a bit sorrow to what should be a very happy occasion. The minutes of silence was observed at the cocktail, though not during dinner. The Consul-General made a very good speech and asked us to stand up strong. We had very good fellowship with 36 pax attending, which may be accounted for the low turn up rate at our regular meeting. Though the oysters were not as good as what Choi promoted, the dinner was very good with nice wine, cheese and pate.

1st Club Assembly – 21/7

Tomorrow is the 1st Club Assembly of this Rotary year. Please come to discuss the club plan we planned for this year and comment on the report of the last year. If you cannot come to this Assembly, make sure you give your proxy to someone who attend and let me know via email, Whatsapp or text message. BTW, IPP Liz will specially fly back from Vietnam tomorrow to give you the report of her presidential year in person. I appreciate the effort she makes and I hope you can also make some effort to come. Please come. Thank you.

Yours in Rotary

Stella Kan
Hon Sec. RC Macau

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