We had a cosy and family meeting last Thursday with Rotaractors IPP Cathy and Geraldine, PP Synthia and Rtn. Andy bringing their lovely princesses Josina and Hazel and Rtn. Elvo, his queen of the house, Eugen. Many Rotarians returned after their long vacation bringing lots of food as appetizer and wine as desert, with Synthia’s cheese from Portugual, Yuko’s grapes from Japan after she visited the farm of the visiting Rotarian from Fukuoka, after she settled her husband and daughter in Hawaii and Elvo’s ice wine fromToronto. We had updates from each of them who had great time with their families. Rtn. Joao also updated us after his brave trip to Thailand despite the recent bombing.

Last but not least, of course, was the sharing of our newest Rotarian visiting the oldest club in Rotary history. Rtn. Li Ying went for a holiday in Chicago last month before her induction at our Joint Installation. Before she went, she asked if she could visit any club in Chicago. Of course, she could because once she paid her club dues, she’s already considered a member of the Club and as a Rotarian, she can visit any club anywhere anytime. So she brought along with her, a club flag for exchange and a box of the famous Rtn. Lei Loi Tak’s Macau biscuits as gift from Macau and visited the Rotary Club of Chicago which she looked up on the website and contacted them before she went. She attended their lunch meeting and had a drink after the meeting with a few Rotarians who were not in a hurry. She told us she’s been asked a lot about China (so she’s been an Ambassador for China) and she presented us with a very interesting video introducing this 112 years old Club, the very first Rotary Club who also called themselves the Rotary One. Li Ying shared a lot of the Rotary knowledge she learnt which amazed PP Choi as one of the oldest Rotarian in Macau.  

We also had a visiting Rotarian couple, PP Charles and Venetia Chiam bringing us greetings from Rotary Club of Malacca plus a big bottle of Ballentine which I think we can share it at the Mid-Autumn celebration on 9/9.

Meeting tomorrow

– Speaker: PDG Anthony Hung

There’s been a big issue on the Council on Legislation this year. We haven’t discuss about it in our regular meeting before. Please come tomorrow to know more about the “Essential changes from RI 2016 Council on Legislation” from a senior PDG of our District.

9th Sept (Fri) – Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

– Venue changed to Crowne Plaza

Please note that due to the unavailbility of the Reflection, Sands, the venue is now changed to Azure, Crowne Plaza and is $300/pax. Mid-Autumn Festival is a family reunion occassion so please bring your family along and let me know the no. of attendance before 6th Sept.

Club Dues 2016/17

For those who hasn’t paid your club dues yet, please remember to bring your cheque for the amount $7,000.00 in order of “Rotary Club of Macau” or bank in our account with BNU with details as below and send your bank in slip to me:

See email for details

Thanks and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Yours in Rotary.