Are you ready for the New Year of the Pig? This will probably be the last president update in the Year of the Dog.  Hope you’ll enjoy it!

On Jan 5, a group of our Rotarians attended the District Learning and Development Academy in Macau. It was a full-day training on Rotary knowledge, ranging from the basics to the latest developments in Rotary. It was a fruitful day for learning.

On Jan 12, we attended the “Different, Not Less” musical, performed by the service users and staff of Fu Hong Society. It was a full-scale musical, with 100 performers and crew members and 1000 hours of practice. The performance was inspirational and touching. Our club is so proud to be a sponsor to this event and to have walked with Fu Hong in their 15 years of history.

On Jan 17, we had our 2nd club assembly of this Rotary year. The board presented a half-year report ( We also discussed the proposal for club dues increase, the idea of associate membership, as well as the scheduling of club meetings. The board will review the comments made by members and make some proposals for the next club assembly. PE Ip also presented his board for the next Rotary Year and received approval. And the highlight of the event was definitely the election of President Nominee. Rtn Joao Pinto was voted unanimously to be our PN! Congratulations to PN Joao!

On Jan 24, we had a cozy meeting. Not too many members attended, but our PP Jim and KK visited us from Malaysia. We had some great fellowship.

Part II of my update……:

I forgot to report the Le Parisienne Cabaret Francais show that PP Guy offered to our members on Jan 23. Thank you PP Guy! But I didn’t get to go because of work. Perhaps my jealousy crept in so badly that I unconsciously chose to miss it in the previous email. I’m kidding….. what I’m really jealous of is PP Kevin and Ryan (husband of our Executive Secretary Kula) who got to go on stage with some beautiful dancers. You may see their happy faces here:

Please also mark the dates for the upcoming events as follows:



  • 31 Jan – Social Night (please sign up on Club’s Whatsapp Group)
  • 15 Feb – Chinese New Year Spring Dinner at Plaza Restaurant
  • 2 Mar – Annual Ball
  • 3 Mar – Area 1 Blood Donation Day
  • 7 Mar – Regular meeting with speaker PP WH


Happy New Year!!


Elvo Sou

President 2018-19