It’s been a great Rotary year 2015/16 under the leadership of Pres. Liz. Though she was still in Hanoi, she managed to open the last meeting of 15/16 on 30/6 after Incoming Pres. Sam gonged the bell. You have to watch the attached video to see how close we are to her heart.

We had a visiting Rotarian from Japan bringing greetings and 2 big bottles of sake from his home town (I need Rtn. Yuko to help elaborate here). I think the sake is 1.2 litres each. We can’t consume with just 13 of us. We need to wait for all of you to gather together for it.


To celebrate the last day, 30/6, and the last meeting of the Rotary year, of course we need to have champagne. Thanks to Rtn. Janet leaving behind a big bottle of Moët for us before she left us for the States, with which we drank for a good year ahead to Rotary International, the Rotary Club of our visiting Rotarian from Fukouka and to the Rotary Club of Macau.


PP Choi promoted the celebration of the French National Day on 15/7 at the Sofitel and we have 3 full tables now.

Box collection is $500.

Dates to remember:

  • 7/7 1st meeting of new Rotary year 2016/17 to be chaired by Pres. Sam
  • 9/7 District Installation at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • 14/7 Speakers: Goodwill Ambassadors (GWA)
  • 21/7 1st Club Assembly of 2016/17
  • 5/8 Joint Installation with our sponsored Rotaract Clubs at the Venetian

I look forward to seeing you at the 1st meeting of this Rotary year 2016/17 this Thursday and to support President Sam to join hands to Serve Humanity.

Yours in Rotary,
Hon Secretary

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