I received a request from Guangxi for building a concrete bridge for students of Yong Ping and the villagers.  According to their report/proposal below, the cost of the concrete bridge is RMB30,700 and they are requesting us to support RMB28,000 and the rest will be from the local government.

I will be joining the Rtc. UMac to go to Guangxi by coach on 15/7-18/7 for an English Summer Camp for the middle school students and I will take the opportunity to have a site visit and report to you all when I return,

Regards Stella




廣西都安統戰部: 關於要求資助國際扶輪永平小學水泥橋的報告   關於要求資助國際扶輪永平小學 修建學生上學步行水泥橋的報

Report and request for sponsorship of a concrete bridge for students going to
the Rotary International Yong Ping Primary School 
國際扶輪永平小學步行水泥橋經過的村民小組有3個,4個弄場( 即,弄明上;弄明下;弄羊;弄萬 )的80多名群眾和學生,該水泥橋是有史以來要到永平小學讀書的學生和要到村民委辦事的村民要走的山道。(當然也可以走彎道,走彎道比經過獨木橋走直線要多3倍的路程;時間要多2個小時。)但由於長期以來居住在那裏的村民們交通阻塞、經濟困難、文化素質低,導致至今不能架好過往的獨木橋路段。

There are 3 village groups and 4 valleys, a total of more than 80 villagers and students need to pass through this bridge. This bridge has always been a passage for students from these valleys to go to the Yong Ping Primary School and for villagers to go to the villagers’ committee office. You can take a big journey around the mountain but it takes 3 times more than going straight over this single-plank bridge and saving 2 hours or more. Because these villagers have always been suffering from the obstruction of traffic, financial difficulties and low cultural quality, this section of the single-plank bridge cannot be established properly.

國際扶輪永平小學本學期在校1—5年級學生的有220人,其中有15名1—5年級學生早晚必須往返這獨木橋這路段 (雷雨天和寒冷天通過不想而知) 。該獨木橋跨距為5米多,是唯一的通往學校的直線山道。要解決不走木橋路的唯一辦法是架水泥橋。

There are 220 students of grade 1 to 5 studying at the Rotary International Yong Ping Primary School this semester, in which, 15 students have to walk on this single-plank bridge every morning and evening (you can imagine what will be like on rainy days and in the cold winter). The single-plank bridge spans over 5 meters and is the only straight section of the mountain path to the primary school. The only way to solve the problem is to build a concrete bridge.


  • (1)水泥:8噸×550元/噸=4400元;
  • (2)鋼筋:2噸×5500元/噸=11000元;
  • (3)砂石+卵石:3000元;
  • (4)頂杆+摸板:1300元;
  • (5)材料運費(水泥、鋼筋、砂石、卵石、水、摸板、頂杆等):4000元;
  • (6)人工費(包括鑽孔;安摸、倒板、安扶手):7000元;

The total cost of material and funds required for building the concrete bridge = RMB30,700

  • (1) Cement: 8 tons x $550/ton = RMB4,400
  • (2) Steel: 2 tons x $5,500/ton = RMB11,000
  • (3) Sand + Gravel = RMB3,000
  • (4) Ejector + Frame mold = RMB1,300
  • (5) Freight charges of the above = RMB4,000
  • (6) Labour charges (incl. drilling, safety rails etc.) = RMB 7,000


As the life of the local people is difficult and there is no fund from the school, we would like to request Rotary Club of Macau to sponsor RMB28,000 and the local government will be responsible for the balance.

Guangxi Du’An United Front Dept.