I am writing to you this thank-you note at the final hour of my presidency this year. How time flies. I still remember the day when I received the president sash from IPP Fatima. It was just like yesterday. And before I knew it, I have already passed the president sash to PE Ip at the previous club meeting on Thursday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the club in the capacity of the president this year.
Together, we raised fund and had fun at the Hero Annual Ball; we brought joy to the elderly through our Grannies project; we shared our love to people with special needs in our Christmas Party; we gave hope to the underprivileged children in Guangxi; we cultivated the students from St Paul through youth exchange; we joined hands with Blood Transfusion Center and other clubs in Macau for the Blood Donation Day; we showcased the good work that Rotary had done in the recent Rehabilitation International Conference; we raised funds to support End Polio Now movement; we enjoyed the fellowship with our sister and friendship clubs in Taiwan; we visited the SkyShuttle helicopter base; we learned from our guest speakers; we walked hand-in-hand with our Rotoractors and Interactors; and many more…….. Thank you so much for making this Rotary year an inspirational year! I apologize for not being diligent enough with my president update. But I hope you were kept abreast of all the club actions through our whatsapp group. If you are interested in reviewing the actions this year in one go, please feel free to visit my FB album: https://www.facebook.com/elvosou/media_set?set=a.10154958386946889&type=3
I remember when I first started my presidency, I crowned myself the title “President who doesn’t know anything.” Thank you very much for your understanding and guidance, I’ve made it. Yet I couldn’t have done it without the support from the omnipotent board and everyone of you. I’m totally indebted to you. Along the way, I learned more about Rotary and our club, and I truly treasure the honor of serving this very esteemed Rotary club. 
I’m particularly thankful that you have 2 former Rotaractors turning into Rotarians this year, namely Jeff Saw and Alex Lam. However, we will also have 2 members, Mario and Marc, leaving us after this year due to their personal reasons. I wish them all the success in their endeavors, and we will always welcome them to rejoin this great family at a time suitable to them. 
The theme this year is Be the Inspiration. And you all have been my source of inspiration, giving me the momentum to finish this ultramarathon journey. The theme next year is Rotary Connects the World. And I look forward to connecting the world with you under the leadership of PE Ip. 
Thank you once again for all your support this year. 
President 2018~19
Rotary Club of Macau