Rotarian Sam Ip, presented his video from his first trip to the Schools project in DuAn Guanxi China at our Club Assembly this week at the Conrad Hotel Macau.


For many Rotarians who have recently joined us and may not know of this project. The video provides a great work that our Club has undertaken over the last 12 and more years.



True Colours ~ Rotary Club of Macau and Schools in China from RCM Librarian on Vimeo.

Prepared by Sam Ip, then a Rotaractor with Rotaract Club of Macau and now a Rotarian. Sam shows the development of the Schools project in GuanXi Province Du’An for the minority people in China.
From dilapidated conditions and humble beginnings to a proud and successful school.
With help from the local people and Rotary Clubs and Sponsors.
Special thanks to RC Kowloon North, Hong Kong who partnered largely in this project.