Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Our Sydney Rotary Convention delegation of 9 Rotarians (Kevin, Stella, Choi, Fatima, Fred, Synthia, Pauline, Andy and Elizabete) plus 3 family members have embarked on their journey in groups. All of them except Kevin and myself who will be leaving these two days, have safely arrived and comfortably settled in at PDG Barney’s beautiful seaside house. We look forward to sharing our ‘ see and hear’ experience during the Convention and, of course, our post-convention leisure tours  in two weeks’ time.

Due to the convention , our meeting last night was just a fellowship gathering with 6 members joining ( thanks to support of Ip, Gary, Janet, Kazu, KC and myself) . We were delighted to have two guests : Perry and Trent and everyone took the opportunity to further acquaint with them. Thanks to Janet, we now know our guests ‘ marital’ and ‘kids’ status :))

WARM REMINDER: THERE IS NO MEETING ON JUN 5 (THURSDAY) AND REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR DIARY FOR OUR CHARTER NIGHT  AT FAT SIU LAU ON JUNE 19 ( THURS) . Please sign up with me if you have not done so and all family members and guests are most welcome !

Regarding July 4  2014-15 District Installation Dinner at Regal Airport Hotel , we have 5 members registered already .  Golden Seat  price at HK$1288 each and all proceeds from ticket sale goes to District Fundraising Committee to support the Vocational Training Council. Please contact me if you are interested .

Thank you for your kind reading and see you all on June 12 (Thurs) regular meeting.