Our President is away this week in Paris so this meeting was chaired by our Vice President David. As many members were away on holiday our fellowship meeting was small this week with PP’s Maneiras, Stella, Choi, Ip, David, Sec. Joao and Treasurer Ricardo and Choi and we were delighted to have as our guest Katherine, a guest of Choi.
Katherine was our Executive Secretary for many years and told us how her Christian group was preparing for a float in an upcoming parade.

Around the world, we have a number of disasters which we debated at some length. We were particularly concerned about the Indian Kerala floods and the Tsunami in Indonesia. In response to our DG’s call, we pledged to send a minimum of $500 US to the Indian disaster fund with RIC and would take donations above those raised in the collection that day from members who were unable to attend. In addition, we would see what could be done for Indonesia and would inquire if specific aid was called for from our Rotary friends over there. To be followed up next week.

PE Ip raised the question over an Interactor visit from the UK as there were several who were interested in coming and we had received a nice communication from PDG Eric Cowcill on the matter, while we discussed several issues we may encounter the members were pleased with the possibility of being hosts.

On a lighter note we celebrated a number of birthdays this month and had a cake prepared, but as luck would have it none of the Birthday Stars could attend including Yasmin who had a birthday that day! None the less nothing was wasted and we sent them our best wishes.

Next weeks meeting also at the Conrad, same time, same channel.

VP David Shelton-Smith
RC Macau