We have developed this website as a resource centre that will feature information and up-to-date news on our club activities.

Our website is also a work in progress….

Work on this site started in 2007 but it was not until 2008 that any changes were made on the web. Our previous web while still very popular was proving to be a lot of work to maintain for our overworked Webmaster. Also, it require a fair amount of computer knowledge to be able to add content, which restricted the number of people who could assist. Our research indicated that the technology was now available to allow non-technical members to add articles online. Plus it could be done for a reasonable price, something we are always keen to monitor.

The principle software is called Joomla and we started with version 1.5. It is a content management system which relies on a database to keep track of where the articles are and uses Style Sheets to control the look of the page. By separating the articles from the layout we can free our authors from the need to become technically savvy or suddenly turn into publishers or editors.

Of course, the site is also to promote our club, inform our members and record our activities.

We wait to see if our hopes are fulfilled and the site will appeal to a wider audience.