Love Filled the Yao Mountain – Forward

The Rotary Club with its present name “Rotary International” is an international service organization. It was first advocated and founded by the American lawyer Paul Harris (1868-1947) in Chicago,  Feb. 1905. Initially, “One member from one walk of life” was the principle of the enrollment. As time goes by more and more people were drawn […]

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Love Filled the Yao Mountain – Hearts with the Yao county

Du’An is located in a mountainous area where the natural conditions are extremely difficult. It is one of the extreme poor counties in China. Because of the shortage of public finance and for a long time insufficient investment in education, many schools in the villages are in poor condition. Some classrooms are even about to […]

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Love Filled the Yao Mountain – Letter of Thanks

Distinguished presidents and all the respected members of The Rotary Club of Kowloon North in Hong Kong, Rotary Club of Macau and Rotary International, For many years, your hearts are with DuAn. Your generosity has donated as much as 10 million RMB to help build DuAn Ethnic Experimental Middle School and the seven primary schools- […]

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Love Filled the Yao Mountain – Preface

  When Mr Lan Qin Wen and Mr Choi Sai Hong, Mr Wei Ben Da, Ms Jian Pei Wen, past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Macau, and others visited Du’An in scorching summers and frigid winters, when arrays of compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau came a long way to the […]

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Love Filled the Yao Mountain – Conclusion

During the past ten years, the Rotary Club of Kowloon North, Hong Kong and Macao Rotary have donated a lot of things to help the ethnic education in Du’An, which have a great effect on the whole society, and influenced the whole society deeply. It includes the following characteristics: 1.    Many donors are successful people. […]

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Macau Rotarians lead school project in China’s rural mountains


In China’s Du’an Yao Autonomous County, villagers have a saying: “Ten per cent land, the other ninety rocks.” I’m travelling through the “three goats area” – its name describes the flinty creatures, the rugged territory and, in particular, the stubbornness of its people – with Li Wei, a minister in the Du’an government, and Stella […]

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Where is Guangxi?

275px China Guangxi.svg

Du’an Yao Autonomous County, Hechi, Guangxi, China from Wikipedia. Guangxi, formerly transliterated as Kwangsi, is an autonomous region (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) of the People’s Republic of China, created specifically for the Zhuang people. Its location in the far south of China, along the border with Vietnam, and its mountainous terrain have made it one […]

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Our New Rotary School in Du’an County , Guangxi China


It was with great pleasure our club inaugurated our new Hua Lai primary school in Du-An County. 2009 Hua Lai Thanks to kind sponsor Johnny Chong the rebuilding of the school was possible. 2008 Hua Lai Hua Lai Primary school operates P3 to P6 with 142 students. It is two hours from the main town […]

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