World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day

Our City Macau SAR  10:00 – 16:00 10:00 – 12:00Location 1: Starting Point; Carpark opposite OTT (Taipa) Location 2: Street walks through Taipa Village (Taipa) Location 3: Destination Point: Parque Central da Taipa (Taipa)  14:00 – 16:00Location 4: Starting Point: St. Paul School of Macau (Macau) Location 5: Destination Point Montanha Russa Garden (Macau) More information […]

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Presidents 10th Weekly update

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Before reporting to you on Thursday’s Regular Meeting, I would like to start by reiterating the request made at the beginning of last week.As you all know, our Club was unable to hold the Charity Annual Ball in the first half of the year.Therefore, we are asking our members to make a one-off donation of […]

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Presidents 9th Weekly Update


Our Thursday Regular Meeting was pre-empted last week, since we held the Joint Installation on Saturday, August 29. The Joint Installation took place at the Macau Tower. A total of 150 Rotarians, Rotarctors, Interactors, and guests attended the event.   The ceremony was live broadcast on our Facebook page. If you missed you can still […]

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Presidents 8th weekly update

rotary Meet

It was a night of great fellowship with 16 Rotarians and 2 guests: Katherine, invited by PP Choi, and Rotary Alumni Marc, invited by President João. It was a pleasure to welcome back PP Choi, who is on the way to fully recover after some health problems. We all wish PP Choi a speedy recovery […]

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Presidents 7th Weekly Update

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Welcome to the 7th weekly update! At our meeting, last week, we had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Lee Thomas, our alumni, who joined us all the way from South Carolina, USA via Zoom. Given Dr. Lee Thomas’s interest in health-related issues, our conversation was mostly about the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. There was a lot […]

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Presidents 6th weekly update

Rotary Opens Oppertunities

Dear Fellow Rotarians Welcome to the 6th weekly update! We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Vítor Moutinho, a communications expert who is working directly with the Macau Health Bureau Director, to talk to us about how communication is important during emergencies and crises. Although not touching directly in the Macau COVID-19 communication strategy, it […]

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Presidents 5th Weekly Newsletter

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Dear Fellow Rotarians We have reached the end of this Rotary Year’s first month. The time was just right for a social night which gathered Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, families, and friends. The event took place at the Varandas Restaurant located at the Roosevelt Hotel in Taipa. Besides a tasty buffet of Portuguese dishes and BBQ, […]

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Presidents 4th Weekly Update

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Welcome to the 4th weekly update! On Thursday, we had a total of 18 Rotarians and Guests attending the Club’s regular meeting. Among the guests was Andrew, Yuko’s better half. On zoom, we were gathered by PP Stella, PP Liz, and PP David. Thursday was particularly significant as we also had the pleasure of welcoming […]

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Presidents 3rd Weekly update


On Thursday, we had a total of 20 Rotarians and Guests attending the Club’s regular meeting. Among the guests were Hazel and Anson, two sweet little children guests of Rtn. Andy, Shelly, guest of IPP Ip’s, Amy, guest of PP Sam, and Laura, guest of Rtn. Constantino. During the meeting, I had the opportunity to […]

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Presidents 2nd weekly update

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I would like to start by thanking all those who attended our Club’s second regular meeting on Thursday, both in-person and online, namely PP Stella, who is still in Hong Kong due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Our Sargent-At-Arms, Yasmin, brought a guest PP Stanley of RAC. Despite the relatively low turnout, we had excellent fellowship […]

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Presidents 1st weekly update

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Our Club held the first Regular Meeting on July 2, We had a quite good attendance with a total of 30 Rotarians, Rotaractors, and guests. For the first time in many months, PP Liz and PP Stella were reunited with our Club via Zoom. It was a joyous moment for all of us! PP Liz […]

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Life In the Time of Covid

RCMacau Board

Its been a difficult time for the Club with many Club meetings canceled and projects such as the youth exchange program canceled for this year. What about the Annual Ball? Again we will not be able to organize this event which is going to be a big disappointment both as a fundraiser and also as […]

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