Rotary Club of Macau Weekly Update (Week 1 – 2018/19)

2018 07 05 22.01

Thank you for entrusting me to serve as the president of the amazing Rotary Club of Macau in 2018-19. It’s with much anticipation as well as anxiety to chair the first meeting on Thurs, July 5. But thanks to everyone’s support, I managed and survived! Many people turned up, including our new President of the […]

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Rotary Update

PHOTO 2018 06 21 22 46 36

President Fatima departed for Toronto on 15th to attend the Rotary International Convention which is held on 23rd-27th June so I took up the chair of the meeting last Thursday, 21st. Though the meeting started with just 7 Rotarians, it was filled up to 17 at the end with: myself, PPs Maneiras, Ip, Choi, Fred, […]

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24th Presidents Update

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Dear Fellow Rotarians , It have been a long time I have not make any update. Too much work and a little laziness. From May/ 21 to 25 I join the District trip to Ning Xia for a water project. From Macau me and DAG Alicia Lio join the group, we start at 4:00 am. […]

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Rotary Update May 2018

PHOTO 2018 05 26 11 29 53 1

As Pres. Fatima was at Ningxia with the delegation led by DG HW for the District Water Project, I took up the Chair for the last meeting on 24/5.  We had a big delegation of 11 Rotarians and spouses from the Rotary Club of Tokyo Koraku of District 2580 from Japan, led by their President […]

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Rotary Meeting 19/4 – update

Group 1

You may wonder why this update is sent by me. Our President Fatima was away in Hangzhou so I was to preside the regular meeting last Thursday 19/4. Pres. Fatima, IPP Sam, Secretary Synthia and Treasurer Ricardo were all unable to join our last meeting, leaving only me and PE Elvo sitting at the head […]

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President 23rd Update

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The last meeting, Fev/2 was our last meeting of the year of Rooster. There were only 12 including PN Ip’s guest, Cherry, who was at Youth Exchange 4 years ago. She is studying in Taiwan Occupational Therapy and CNY holiday. Because she can not come to our Spring Dinner she was invited to come to […]

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President 22nd Update

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Hope you all are staying warm and protected from this cold weather. It is freezing. At our last regular meeting on Thursday 25th, we had 13 Rotarians, plus Choi’s guest, Katherine ( Stella’s daughter), 2 Alumni visitors, the kind couple Jim and KK, they are visiting Macau and came directly from the airport to join […]

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Presidents 21st Weekly Update

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Our regular meeting, Jan/18, had 21 Rotarians, plus Rotaract IPP Mathew (my guest), 4 IP guests and Kula made a total of 27 presences. We have chat and wine tasting from PP Ip at the swimming pool side. Our meeting was a short one because today we have our 2nd Club Assembly. We have a […]

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President 20th Update

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On our 21st regular meeting, we had a good attendance of 23 including 2 Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Macau and Varna, Rotary Alumni. President Geraldine presented the club report. Varna informed us that she is in Shanghai and whenever to has a chance will visit us.     At this regular club meeting, […]

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Presidents 18th Weekly Update

IMG 7614

As the year ends we make our Annual visit to Guanxi China to visit our school projects for the minority tribes. From 23-26 December – Guanxi Literacy and Poverty Alleviation Trip. On Dec/23 at 7:00 am we gathered a group of 36, from RC Macau ( myself, IPP Sam and his Amy), Rotaractors, from RAC […]

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17th Presidents Wkly Update

IMG 6984

My fellow Rotarians , Excuse me for the lateness of this update. 7 December– The meeting was held at Tromba Rija – Macau Tower because Venetian was full again. We had a low attendance of only 12 members with a great fellowship. 14 December– The meeting was held in Lua Azul, Macau Tower 3rd/F. We […]

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President 16th Weekly update

IMG 6558

Nov/30 – 17th meeting a Social night at Tromba Rija at Macau Tower. 21 joined the meeting. They are: myself, PP’s Maneiras, Stella, Choi, Ip, Florence, Teren, PE Elvo, Rtn’s Yasmin, Ricardo, Li Ying, Margaret, Pedro, Andy with his father ( uncle Fai), Yuko and Andrew, Marc and Peggy, Rotaractor Elvis and Isabel (Ip’s Guest) […]

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