RC Macau President 6th wkly update (17 th August)

IMG 3306

Meeting calls to order by President Fátima. In this meeting we have 11 members, PP Ip’s 4 guests and 2 guest speaker RC Amizade P Penny Chao and CP PP David Ho Our PP Ip Pui Fai, Rotaractor Advisor was recognized by district as ” Outstanding Rotaract Advisor Team Citation ” for the year 2016-17 […]

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RC Macau Presidents 4th Weekly Update

IMG 2886

We had 13 Rotarians attended plus 4 guests, Andy’s litle princess, David’s better half – Helen . Synthia’s niece Josi and Stella’s guest Joana Borges. Do you know who she is? The world is really small , her father is Francisco Borges a Past President of our club and was the President when our bus […]

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RC Macau – 3rd Update

IMG 2813

Last week regular meeting with 12 members and one little guest ( Andy’s little girl). Yes a small group but good fellowship, as always. We haven’t seen PP David for some time and asked him to give us his update situation .  He is back for good. A sad news from RI – Rotary International […]

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RC Macau – President 2nd Weekly Update

IMG 2617

15 of us joined IPP Sam, PPs Choi, Stella, Synthia, Maneiras, Fred, Ip , Kevin, , Rtns Margaret, Andy, Ignacio, Li Ying, Aris, Marc and his rotarianne Peggie. Choi’s guest -Katherine, Ip’s guest – Thomas Dunseth , club executive secretary Kula and 4 members of Rotaract Club of Macau ( IPP Mathew and the Good […]

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Weekly Update ~ 1st 2017 – 2018

IMG 2277

Last Thursday was the first meeting of new Rotary year 2017-18. A big welcome to “Rotary: making a diference” year. I am  the 71st President of our club and it is a heavy responsibility to follow the good works of our PPs. Don’t need to go to far we have IPP Sam Ip and his […]

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Rotary 42nd Update

IMG 1807

Last meeting of this Rotary year – 29/6 How time flies! We are getting to the end of this Rotary year 2016/17 pretty soon. Coming Thursday, 29th June, will be the last meeting for P Sam to preside and he would have to handover the prestigious sash to Incoming P Fatima who would start to […]

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Rotary – 41st Update

IMG 1611

Our meeting 8/6 at Macau Tower, Lua Azul Restaurant As Venetian was full again and we had to relocate our meeting. Thanks for PP Synthia’s arrangement and PP Ip’s generosity in bringing different kinds of wine, I was told the meeting was just like a wine tasting event. It was full of fun and laughter […]

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Rotary – 40th Update

IMG 1501

We had a low attendance of only 10 members last Thursday, 1/6 while we had 30 persons attended the meeting on 25/5, week before last. It’s so difficult to handle our dinner meetings. Pres. Sam shared with us the District Conference he attended and our Club was recognized as “EREY and 100% Rotary Foundation Sustaining […]

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Rotary – 39th Update

IMG 1013

Sorry for not having sent out any update last week. I am making it up now. Meeting 18/5 – Speaker from YMCA We are trying to target for some youth projects for the coming year, hence we invited staff from YMCA to introduce us projects that we may consider to support. They introduced us the […]

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Rotary – 38th Update

IMG 0826

I missed the meeting last Thursday so cannot update much. However, from the photos attached, you can see how they enjoyed their fellowship. I understand that Rtn. Aris invited Rotaract Alumni Angela as her guest and PP Ip invited his 2 young lady wine lovers to the meeting. I do look forward to our 70 […]

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Rotary – 37th Update

RCMacau2017 btw

70th Anniversary Ball May 6 We had an extremely successful Ball last Saturday with a record high attendance of over 500 guests and members. We had DG Eric and 10 PDGs, CLO officers, government officials and 4 consul generals and consulate officers gracing our big event. We had 1 major sponsor, 4 diamond sponsors, 2 […]

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Rotary 36th Update / 70th Annual Ball Arrangements

IMG 0207

Last Meeting on 27/4 We had a full house last Thursday at the Manor, St. Regis. Ball tickets were distributed to those present. Many of us had the video done there. We look forward to the great production which will be played a the opening of the 70th Ball. NO Meeting next Thursday, 4/5 There […]

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