President 15th Wkly update

IMG 6252

Nov/ 23 – 16th Club Meeting This is this year our last meeting in Venetian, next year we come back. PP David updates us on our club’s website. We have a great meeting with the old fellowship with jokes by PP Ip and PE Elvo and great laughter. A happy thanksgiving with PP’s Maneiras, Peter […]

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President’s 14th Weekly update

IMG 4268

Due to Venetian being full again the venue on Nov/16 was changed to Sands Macau. We have a good attendance, 23 participants. Myself, PPs Synthia, Stella, Choi, Ip and 5 guests, David, Fred( birthday star), Gary, Maneiras, Florence and ET, and Rtns Ignacio, Marc, Yasmin, Margaret, Ricardo and Katherine ( Choi’s guest). Before the meeting, […]

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Presidents 13th Weekly Update

IMG 5917

We had a very busy Saturday (Nov 4). Before 6 a.m. IPP Sam Ip, PE Elvo Sou and our Rotaract Patrick Mak had to be at Trail Hiker. Special thanks to them and their fellow volunteers. They organize a group of volunteers to help. They were at the finish line to check if a team […]

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President 12th Weekly Newsletter

IMG 5715

Happy Halloween. We have a most fun evening in our Rotary World’s Greatest Meal Halloween Social night on Thursday. It was attended by 44 Rotarians, their families, guests and visiting Rotarians from India and DAG Alicia, presidents of RC Hou Kuong(Nicola), RC Amizade( Penny), and RC Penha ( Ada). I am truly grateful for the […]

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Presidents 11th Weekly Update

IMG 5386

 Last Thursday, Oct/19, our regular meeting we had 12 members and 2 guests – Guy- ‘s better half Vicky and Andy’s father. This time the meeting is held in Lua Azul – Macau Tower 3rd floor, due to no room for us in Venetian. October – RI’s Rotary Economic and Community Development Month. According to […]

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President’s 10th Weekly Update

IMG 5432

Friday 29/9, at Tromba Rija-Macau Tower Rotarians, Rotaractors from RAC Macau and UMSU and families and friends celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Have lots of moon cake and our Happy Garden yam. A group of 8 myself, PP Stella and PP Choi, PP Ip and Grace, IPP Sam and Amy and PE Elvo depart on 5/10 to […]

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President’s 9th Weekly Update

IMG 4779

Dear Fellow Rotarians, The official visit of D.G. HW Fung was held last Saturday, 23/9. Our Board meeting with DG was in the afternoon, followed by Area 1 ( Macau) joint clubs dinner at Plaza Restaurant. During the dinner, we have a souvenir to DG. MC for the night was Phoebe Pang from RC Macau […]

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Presidents 8th Weekly Update

IMG 4562

Dear Fellow Rotarians, Sorry for not having sent out any update but because of the typhoon my computer was crazy and deleted my messages and I have to rewrite this update. Our 9th meeting on 14th September was held in Lua Azul Restaurant ( Blue Moon), at Macau Tower because no room for us at […]

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Presidents 8th Weekly Update ~ 7th Sept

IMG 4472

The regular meeting last Thursday was held at Sands-Macau because Venetian was full again. We have a great meeting with a great fellowship with 16 members and 3 PP IP guests. More sharing of the volunteer work during Hato. I think Hato bring to Macau people a sense of belonging, a sentiment of union all […]

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Presidents 7th Weekly Update

IMG 4388

  Sorry, for not having sent out any update last week, I just back from Mongolia and I am making it now. 7th meeting – 31st August We have a good fellowship with just 9 members, Fred’s guest his son-in-law and a visiting Rotarian from Nepal. This time typhoon Hato has not spared Macau. Did […]

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Rotary Update: Typhoon Hato and Pakhar!

IMG 2889

Dear Fellow Rotarians, I hope this email finds every one of you ok after the 2 Typhoons Hato and Pakhar! Hato attacked us directly last Wednesday causing tragic casualties, large areas of flooding, damaged the power and water supply.  I understand some of our Rotarians suffered from flooding, and many of us from the power […]

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RC Macau President 6th wkly update (17 th August)

IMG 3306

Meeting calls to order by President Fátima. In this meeting, we have 11 members, PP IP’s 4 guests and 2 guest speakers RC Amizade P Penny Chao and CP PP David Ho Our PP Ip Pui Fai, Rotaractor Advisor was recognized by the district as ” Outstanding Rotaract Advisor Team Citation ” for the year […]

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